EAP News- Calgary company develops treadmill desk for busy execs

Posted on May 14, 2015

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Check out this recent article in the Calgary Herald about Fitneff's event at Eighth Avenue Place! 

"A Calgary company has developed a portable desktop that allows busy executives and other employees to get their exercise while working.

Fitneff has demonstrated its WalkTop product — the brainchild of Queen’s University MBA graduates Ron Bettin, Laurel Walzak and Devon Bolton — this week in the main lobby of the Eighth Avenue Place office towers.

“It’s a portable desk that fits onto a majority of treadmills that are built out there,” said Bettin. “We knew there had to be a solution for introducing more mobility and activity into people’s busy lives, while still remaining productive.”

Bettin said the Fitneff grew from concept, to design, to prototype testing and its market launch all within 13 months.

“The response has been great. We’ve had buyers in Europe and in Asia already. We’re just getting the first ones out, but we’re really happy the response is exactly what we’re looking for,” he said...."

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